Just like us computers also get sick, they start to go slow,  freeze up and cause all types of headaches. Chances are if you computer is running like this you might have a virus, malware or some other nasty infection!

Viruses can be very painful to remove on your own and malware is even worse. If your experiencing pop ups while browsing the internet, if you computer is shutting down automatically or generally not running right then our suggestion is bring it in for a health check up.

Our services extend to repairing all types of unwanted issues on computers.  With experience behind us we are able to clean you PC from all major (and minor) types of viruses, malware, spyware & adware

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Viruses can be just as painful for a computer as they are to us. They can slow down the computer, use more internet bandwidth and cause all sorts of nightmares!

Viruses can come from browsing the internet or downloading applications from unknown sources. They can even come in from emails from friends and family with out their knowledge!

With our specialised virus scanning software and prevention tools we are sure we can have your computer running back up to speed in no time. We can clean you computer and scan the software that is installed by using our  thorough scan tools.

We even provide a report showing all virus’s have been removed. If we are unable to remove a virus due to sever infection we can still save your computer! Contact Us today to keep you computer clean

Malware much like a virus can cause severe harm to your computer. In most cases you may install malware without even knowing!

Malware can include key loggers which gain access to your passwords, these can be passwords for banking! It can also distribute worms and true viruses to you contacts without you even seeing the transmission.

Malware has become a severe problem in todays day in age, if your experience any symptoms of slowness, lagging or settings and features changing by themselves please Contact Us urgently!

This is a large problem to all internet users and is not to be taken lightly

Adware is just as much of a nuisance then it is part of the malware group. Constant pop ups, redirections to alternate search engines these are all the common problems of adware.

The purpose of adware is to distract you from your internet experience and convince you to purchase from their advertising. Adware is smart and can adapt to your search criteria, and by using this information will target you with advertising that is of interest to you.

This mean that adware is send your data without your permission to a 3rd party to understand the way you use the internet, all this is done with out your permission

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms Contact Us We have specialised tools and procedures we use to clean and prevent all types of Malware

Spyware needs to be removed urgently, you hear the horror stories of identity theft, and computer hacking well this is the starting point!

Once infected with spyware, your computer and all of its data and even peripheral devices are infected. Spyware will capture you passwords, bank details and even allow the hacker the ability to view your webcam without your knowledge!

If you believe your computer does funny things, plays up, has adware or viruses and any of the other symptoms discussed please call us for a clean up!

Your safety is as important to us just as is ours. We not only install the latest defence software we even use the same! Get the protection you need today from the internet nasty’s!