Windows 10 is here; Will you upgrade?

Many of us have seen the option to upgrade to Windows 10 but either are unsure if they should or just don’t know what Windows 10 is.

Firstly Windows 10 is the latest version from Microsoft of their Windows platform, it offers streamlined performance and fluency across its platform. With a very different view from Windows XP and Windows 7, however still similar to Windows 8 & 8.1 Windows 10 offers a unique and beautiful user experience.

Most computers running Windows 7 or above will be able to upgrade to Windows 10  by using the free upgrade from Microsoft Update. However some users have upgraded and found there computer to run slow after the upgrade. We offer two upgrade services, one is to ensure your computer will not loose performance after the upgrade and the other to perform a complete PC refresh (New install) of Windows 10.

Either way you can trust that our knowledge and experience of computers will ensure your computer will still run at optimal performance without loosing any data and maintaining full compatibility of all your existing applications.

For more information regarding PC upgrades be sure to contact us