Apple Laptop Repairs

Apple Laptop Repairs

Do you have a Apple Laptop?

Have you had issues?

We offer repairs to almost all Apple Laptop’s we offer services in:

  • Screen Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Track Pad Replacement
  • Re-Installation

With competitive prices for repairs and only the highest quality replacement parts used you can be sure that we can have you Apple Laptop repaired and back in order in no time.

We strive to ensure our repairs are of the highest quality at a fraction of the price of an Apple store. Be sure to Contact Us before you run off to Apple.

PC’s and Laptops do break!

We offers all types of repair services and most importantly we offer FREE QUOTES! We will tell you if it is worth fixing your computer or laptop.

We can help with insurance claims! If you insurance policy carries accidental damage we can provide you an insurance assessment that you can provide your insurer.

If it is a broken laptop screen, failed hard drive, or even no power contact us today for your free quote!

Apple iMac Repairs

iMac Repairs

One of the most common problems with an Apple iMac is hard drive malfunctions.

We have heard some crazy stories of people buying a new iMac when this happens! There is absolutely no need to buy a new iMac when this happens in fact when you have any issue unless we have looked over it first.

Here at Lilydale Computer Repairs we can repair & replace:

  • iMac Hard Drives
  • Super Drives – DVD Burners
  • Faulty Fans
  • Hard Drive Expansion – SSD / SSHD
  • Faulty Motherboards
  • Trouble white startup screens

Apple iMacs offer some of the most technological advances in All in One technology. We offer you some of the most advanced skills when coming to iMac repairs and we are sure we can repair your broken iMac!

PC Desktop Repairs

PC Repairs

We have been performing PC repairs, builds and upgrades for what seems an eternity!

With skills in:

  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • CPU Diagnostics & Replacement
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Graphics Upgrade
  • Storage Expansion
  • Power Supply Replacement
  • Custom Built Gaming Systems

We love a good old fashioned PC repair!

Many people still employ the desktop computer to sit on a dedicate desk in either a office or study. They can be subjected to poor health just by the amount of dust they suck in, this can damage fans and in effect cause major malfunctions.

At Lilydale Computer Repairs we understand many of the common (and not so common) issues that surround desktop PC’s

Let us help you the next time your having a issue with your desktop PC

PC Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs

It happens, and it happens to the best of us.

Laptop screens do break!

  • It can be from kids standing on the laptop
  • Dropping them off you bed
  • Knocking around in the car
  • Or simply “The door walked into my laptop” scenario!

Which ever the cause most laptops can be repaired and screens can be replaced. We offer this as one of our major services. We also provide other aspect of repair from:

  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Storage Expansion
  • Keyboard / Track Pad Replacement

The next time you have any issue be sure to contact us for a quote before running out to buy a new laptop