Offering localised computer services for people just like you!

Some of the biggest issues today is finding trusted, cheap and reliable computer services. Lilydale Computer Repairs was formed to do just that!


A derivative of Exclusive Computer Consulting we believe the gap needed to be filled between the services offered to corporate customers and general home users.  We were constantly being told about the bad experiences our friends, family, and acquaintances were having with their computer repairs that we decided we had to make a change, make the time and most importantly provide exceptional service.

Lilydale Computer Repairs is an appointment only service, we offer a drop off and pick up service by appointment only. To keep our costs down we don’t work out of a fancy office or shop we work from our home. With this in mind we are able to keep our prices competitive and do not have the large overheads as our competitors have.

This family run and owned business is here to provide you, your family and friends with quality Computer Repairs, Virus Cleaning, Computer Upgrades & Computer Rebuilds.

With over 30 combined years experience in IT we come with some high skills that you would expect to pay top dollar for! However with our motto of trying to give back to the community we have provide our services at a fraction of the standard retail cost.

Our parent company Exclusive Computer Consulting has been offering services to the small business and corporate world in IT infrastructure design and consulting services for over 15 years. With the business taking a stronger focus now on website design and development, our team are now able to focus more time on you, our home users.

If you are interested in services for a business then feel free to contact us or visit our website we are always interested in support new customers.

Exclusive Computer Consulting

Exclusive Computer Consulting is the heart of Lilydale Computer Repairs. By offering a specialised service to our customer base we have been a successful business for over 15 years.

With our business expanding into website design and corporate branding, we are now helping startup and established businesses become known in the digital age. With a dedicated team of designers and developers using the same motto as Lilydale Computer Repairs of working from home and reducing overheads we are now able to offer clean, crisp and professional websites without having to sell a kidney.

Look us up today for your free website quote or business IT Service